Frances Rivera

Frances Rivera is an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW#) with over 5 years in the mental health field providing services to individuals, parents and families. She believes that there are reasons for all behaviors and if understood can be life changing.

Frances has worked extensively with at risk youth, opiate dependent adults and adolescence, addiction communities, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, grief, and families to help work through these life challenges. She uses a cognitive approach which she finds most impactful through CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an intensive treatment method designed to help people transform disruptive thoughts, behaviors and feelings in order to successfully navigate the challenges that life presents. Her goal for therapy is not to change you, change is your choice, but it is to build awareness, understanding, and acceptance towards yourself and others. 

Reality and truth can be painful at times, but addressing underlying issues will ultimately lead to a healthier and improved quality of life. Her intention is to help you achieve your personal goals at your own pace. Frances on your side while you begin this journey of self-discovery.